Better the Devil you know~ Small town politics

“Better the Devil you know, than the devil you don’t know” Isn’t that how the saying goes?

In this case it’s Better the Devil you want….”.   Washburn, ND is getting a Family Dollar Store.

Family Dollar coming to Washburn

      Part of me is overjoyed that there will finally be somewhere to get some gifts and household items at an affordable price. (A few of the  local stores literally gouge you at every turn.) And a selection to choose from as well!

     The super snarky, petty B#@$$y me hopes Family Dollar runs a couple out of business. It would serve them right.  Chase Drug Store would be #1 on my list. They have a huge reputation for the over-the-top hostility they show to anybody who is NOT a “True Washburn Native.”  Can you believe that they can actually preform an entire transaction without ever speaking to you at all? Not even  to acknowledge that you spoke to them.. Really!

                  Over the last several years a number of businesses have wanted to open up in Washburn. All were discouraged… Case in point- a Name-Brand Hotel was being enticed to open in Washburn. One of the plants offered to guarantee  a block of rooms everyday… all they wanted in return was a meeting room. – Mind you- NOT a restrauant- a room…  The two cafe’s and the two bars went to every city meeting saying that this hotel would “take money out of their pockets” and be “Too much competition”. Very tragic, as there is NO hotel. ..Ok, that’s not true- there’s one..all transient workers.

    Nope. Not One. Between Bismarck and Minot, unless you get off the highway and go into Garrison.  ~ But I Digress~

     So, now, all of a sudden there’s to be a Family Dollar Store. Funny how for a long time various people (me included) kept saying there needed to be another budget friendly shopping venue. Suggested stores were AlcoDollar Tree  and the like.  Every time the very idea was blatently shot down as being ‘stupid’, too competitive, not for us, blah, blah, blah. You get the idea.  The good people pushed back saying it’s better to get what you think you can live with, than the possibility of a Wal Mart on the hill!  Even though people were clamoring for change, no luck.

    They ever railroaded the previous ED into quitting her job over the controversy of it all.

      But now, there’s a nice man with The Right Last Name in the ED position.

     I am thinking there was some interest from a Huge store for Washburn to roll over and agree to something.

    As with everything though, “Watch what you wish for.” ~ While I am tickled that there will be a store within 25 miles of me, I know it will take business away from one of my favorite neighboring communities ~ Turtle Lake. There they are always happy to see you and are ever gracious!

All I have to say is Good Luck Washburn! Now you will achieve what you have worked so hard on… Making Downtown Washburn a virtual Ghost Town.


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Still paying the piper…A story about suicide prevention…

I now know WHY people don’t get involved. Especially in a small town.   This has been weighing on my mind for a while now. Without naming names…I will try to tell the story.

Let me preface this by saying there had been a number of suicides in our immediate area right around this time. Almost like an epidemic. The local paper ran a couple articles on suicide prevention. Plus it’s something we learned about way back when…The warning signs, steps you can take to help and so on.

HAD a very close friend who lived the next town over. She has some health problems that included diabetes and anxiety.  Her Doctor had changed her medications. Which ones exactly, I am not sure.

Within weeks my friend had lost an insane amount of weight and was doing some pretty crazy things.  She started talking about an imaginary set of twins that she ‘just had’ and did I want to see them? She carried on about all manner of things that were in no way possible.

And then my friend started giving away everything. And saying things like “I won’t be needing these anymore” and “I’m going away at the end of the week.” and “Where I’m going, it doesn’t matter anyway”

Ding! Ding! Ding! Warning bells and sirens going off!  I tried to feel her out about her feelings and it became quite apparent that things weren’t looking good.

So~ I totally breached protocol..I called her LPN ~ In the town m friend lives in is a clinic that ‘everybody’ goes to and the LPN runs it. ~ In confidence I mentioned how my friend was acting and what she was saying. And said that this all began when her medication got changed. I knew my friend had just been in the clinic days before. So I asked the LPN if maybe she could call my friend and lure her back in. Maybe by saying something like “Gee, we accidentally did something with your blood-work, can you drop back in?”  That way she could observer her…

Do you know what the LPN said??? And I quote “It’s a small town, we don’t want to get involved unless we Have To.

REALLY??? Don’t want to get involved????

The LPN went on to ask if could tell her she’s suicidal and can she come in? Uhhhh. No. Tried already.  After much begging and pleading on my part she finally caved and said “O.K. we’ll check on her.” ~ As it turns out the solution was to send the office sect’y down to my friends work to observe her!

The LPN called me and reported that the sect’y said that my friend appeared to be OK at work. Again, really?  How many people do you hear about that finish their work and THEN kill themselves? Plenty!  And I told her as much.

I also made it abundantly clear that if my friend killed herself simply because “It’s a small town, and we have to live here” I would personally see to it she was held accountable. …Yes. I was very snotty. But hey~ This person was ready to end it all.

So, after another few days of my friend mentally and physically wasting away, I did something  totally against the rules. And definitely a breech of confidence and Dr/patient privilege… I asked MY doctor if I gave her a name, could she look her up and find her primary Dr and please pass along what was happening.

Thankfully she did. Bless her for doing it! My friends primary Dr had her come in Immediately and changed her medication. As it turns out my friend ended up needing counseling after the ordeal.

But she made it.  She has since gained weight back and seems to be back on track. It has been a long road for her, though.

The clinic staff made it a point to let her know exactly who ‘turned her in.’ Needless to say, I became an instant social pariah for doing the right thing. because “It’s a small town”. and because I had the nerve to hold a person who could have made a difference much sooner accountable for inaction.

That being said ~ While I still mourn the loss of my dear friend, I  would do it all over again if I had to.

I still have to wonder WHY small communities want you to know about signs and prevention if everyone is afraid to “Be the bad guy”.  I’d much rather be the bad guy and know my friend is alive able to be a mother and wife and almost herself again, rather than the alternative.

If just one person reads this and makes a difference…




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It’s time!

Time for me to start blogging about what matters to me. Ways to make a difference. ..My farm…. My crazy life….Just stuff. I know I’ve been ‘gone’ a long time! But that will all change now.

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ND needs a MOBILE Ambassador!

Wouldn’t that be great?!

Think about all the wonderful things she/he could do….

They could go around to the local communities and compile a list of useable buildings, businesses the towns would like to have, businesses with owners about to retire (w/ no one to take over) micro lenders, bankers, SBA contacts and so on.

This information could be posted on the web, put in print and distributed to out of staters requesting information on ND, be presented at the schools.- Both High School and College.

I think people would be amazed at what is right in their backyard! And it would help promote the fact that ND is more than OIL. More than Minot, Biz, Fargo & Dickinson.

There are plenty of people that would relocate to a smaller town if they thought there was an opportunity.

I could be that person…(hint..hint)…I think it’s a wonderful chance to really showcase ND.


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Our our small towns killing themselves?

Often  I think so.

Yes, I KNOW that the Northwestern part of the state is growing by leaps and bounds. That isn’t all there is to North Dakota!

Turtle Lake

So many of our towns lie quiet and on the brink of extinction. Literally. Others have become ‘bedroom’ communities. Nothing more than places people go to sleep after a day of working, playing & shopping elsewhere.

” a town or a city is a geographical expression of an economic reality”

There are countless reasons for a town to disappear. Exodus of people, lack of suitable employment, no entertainment are some. Farm consolidation and sometimes the mergers of Church’s plays a role. Our own mobility has played a part.

I think we need to ask ourselves WHY do people leave?, WHAT can we do to prevent it? And WHO are the people we want to target to come to our towns and help us regrow.

There are numerous town within 50 miles of where I live. Only a couple are actually thriving. In one town the Economic Developer actually said “Why do we need to do anything, as close to Bismarck as we are?” This town has NO downtown any longer. And NO services except the bars and gas station. This ED has assumed that we ALL have the ability to get from point A to point B at any giving time and that we ALL want to spend time and fuel just go get something.

In another town, the previous ED had a number of HOTEL  chains interested in doing business there. This town has a major tourist attraction, is on a main Highway and has no suitable lodging. Can you believe that local business owners got together and had meeting with the city because they didn’t want someone else ‘Taking food of their tables”? Yes Really… I though competition was good…Guess what? NO HOTEL HERE!

In this same town, we absolutely REFUSE to patronize the Rexall. It’s really a shame, because this store is only 20 miles from the house. Instead we choose to add an additional 20 miles to our round-trip and go one more town over. They are ALWAYS nice to us there. To date, in the six years we have been ‘back’, we have NEVER (an that’s NOT an exaggeration) once had our presence acknowledged in that store. Apparently they are making plenty of money and don’t need us or our money.

And yet they have the gall to complain to the local board about people don’t support them. Shocker.

Some other reasons that our towns are dying…. Complacency, Rejecting any and ALL new ideas, (especially if they are from ‘outsiders’) Not even trying to attract new business & Bad customer service.

What can we DO to reverse the trend? I’ve heard plenty of good ideas. Heck, I’ve even thrown a few of my own into the ring.

Let’s listen to out youth! Some of them WANT to stay right here. And they are also the ones will be moving ‘back’ someday. What do they think of the future?

Apprenticeship could be another way to populate and get new business or retain existing businesses.  There are plenty of people set to retire. And then what? WHO is going to replace that closed business? WHY should that building be left to set empty?  Let’s attract people who WANT to do business and stay local that can bring fresh ideas to town….Who says apprenticeship is for only the young?

WHY can’t our little towns be vital centers for boutique shopping and the arts? I’ve seen it work in other states. There’s no rule that says our towns have to be sleepy and backwards.

Welcome NEWCOMERS!!!! Make them feel like VITAL members of the community. Let them play the reindeer games. Exclusion or looking down on them just makes them put in their ‘time’ (example- they work at one of the plants) and then leave. Taking their children who may have wanted to stay in the area with them.

True story- In the the one town, I was working part time when we moved back. One day I overheard a lady say they were behind on their quilting at church. (they were making comfort quilts) I volunteered to help. She dropped of quilting supplies the next day at my work. That very afternoon, a so-called UPPER MEMBER of the community came and TOLD me to give it back, they ‘Didn’t need or want my help’. Really? I got UN-INVITED from Church-Stuff???? I cheerfully let her know exactly what I thought of that!

And they actually wonder why we leave…

Freshen up! More than just planters in the summer. Most towns have a fund for this and can tap local resources such as a service group (think Boy Scouts) to get it done. Even if the buildings are empty they can still be painted and the yard mowed.  What’s that saying about ‘attracting more flies with honey’???

You want to be a community. Then ACT like a community. Host events.  INCLUDE everyone. Have public forums for ideas about local entertainment.  One very nice community has music every week ,spring thru fall, in the park they built in the open space between two buildings on their main street.  It really has a great way of bringing every one together of all ages. They all feel CONNECTED by this one simple thing.

World's biggest Walleye

Lay OFF the negativity! The little town I live nearest to has 33 residents. We have potential. But it’s an uphill battle against the Old Guard. One in particular has been in the media spotlight lately saying that our little town is Over. Done. Finished.  It’s like swimming upstream…

Every town has something to offer. Let’s capitalize on it. Reverse the mass exodus. North Dakota is about more than just the Oil Boom. IT’S ABOUT US. The people. It’s about being Pioneers and blazing the trail for others to follow. Think outside the box. There is plenty of opportunity here.  Who will lead the way? Which town will set the bar by showing that you don’t have to have a big box store to be successful? With the Internet, and UPS, just about any business  can be a viable business in a small town!

There is a great book out there “13 ways to KILL your community”  by Doug Griffiths. I highly recommend it to anyone who thinks they can, or wants to make a difference.  In it he outlines 13 of the biggest ways communities are killing themselves and offers practical insight and solutions. I highly

recommend reading it!



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Progress is in North Dakota!!

Progress is defined by Websters as :” A forward or onward movement, -A betterment “.

I think it is more about taking that first step towards your dreams or goals. They say all you have to do is change just one thing in your life, for the pieces to start falling into place.

With the economy in the tank, more and more people are looking to North Dakota’s Oil Patch solve their problems. That’s not neccessarily the solution.

Come to North Dakota, but keep in mind-Sometimes the solutions are in YOUR OWN abilities!!! Maybe just some creative out-of-the-box thinking will do it.

We WANT you! We want you to come here. But more importantly- we want you to STAY here. We want you to be a part of out community, of our history, of our future.

You may be an out of work upper (office) managment kind-a person. Well, I can personally name off a half a dozen people that translated that skill into Management in fast food. YES. I said Fast Food. I know a lady that makes waaaaay over 100,000 a year at KFC. Between bonus’s, health & life ins, salary & stock options, she is sitting pretty. Because she WASN’T ‘to good’ to work there!

Another family (hubby wife and 6 kids) sold everything except what would fit in two 25 trailers and RELOCATED to Driscoll, ND from SACRAMENTO, CA!!  They decided that having daily family time was way more important than being a slave.  They embraced the lifestyle. Became a huge part of their community, learned new skills and used the ones they already possessed to make a living. He is a mechanic and she now sells ‘pastured’ eggs in all the surrounding towns.

It’s a matter of perspective. you either want to keep a roof over your head, or you want to be a victim. And I personally have almost zero tolerence for victims!

Maybe you can’t make your house payments where ever it is you are at. Come to North Dakota! Check out our smaller towns and communities. Downsize if you must. You CAN find very, very affordable housing here. You don’t have to live in the heart of the city. You may like it out here! Re-evaluate your priorities. Does having a ‘trophy’ house really matter? Or would you rather be able to relax on your riding mower and wave at the neighbors? Would you rather work your fingers to the bone? Or have the time to enjoy the things that really matter to you? If you’re handy you can pick up solid homes that just need cosmetics for next to nothing.

Our smaller towns have incredible sports and acedemic programs for the kids, generous programs for starting a business, a real sense of community- people actually help each other out! You may like it…And many of these town are a reasonable distance from the ‘City’.

Evaluate  your skill set!  Can you sew? Build? Do electrical? Cook? Design? Photography?        – Do you have any hobbies that can be potential money makers? Maybe you can do metal sculpture along with your welding…get the idea???  These can be translated into a job.

I speak from experience! We live on a small farm about 40 miles from Bismarck.  We needed to bring extra income into the farm. I started using my baking & sewing skills to make extra money. I now have a little business that is thriving. I sell my baked goods in several towns, make custom kitchen aprons for people and host bread baking and canning classes.

Some of my sucess can be attributed how many outlets North Dakota has to get help! I utilized the Pride of Dakota program, and resources from the Departments of Tourism and Commerce.

Some of it was simple dedication to the cause. Our cause is to pay down the land so we are not freaked out later by how much we owe. One of our priorities is to be in a position that if something happens to one of us, the other can bay the bills. And we wouldn’t have to sell out. It is not an un-attainable goal. We just had to re-evaluate & prioritize what was important to us. We were at a point where we decided that time with family had to be at the top of the list.

We moved BACK to ND  six years ago from Colorado. Land was high. So was the day to day cost of living. We were working away from home more, just to keep up. So, hubby said “let’s go home!” (he was born here) So, here we are. Simple as that.

To us- This is PROGRESS

Come to North Dakota. Become a part of out communities. Live life.






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The Ultimate Businessman is….

              A Farmer!

         You may think a farmer just goes out and sits in the tractor all day. That is so not all there is to it!

    From the time he or she gets up, until the moment they go to bed ( even while they sleep!) a farmers first thoughts are about the farm. What needs doing today? What needs fixed? what animals attention? Do I need to get parts ? Did I remember to go to the FSA office in town? Will we make enough to carry us through the winter? Where can we cut costs?

     A farmer must be a salesmen, a good stewerd of the land-else his production will go down, be knowledgeable about animal husbandry, have general fix-it skills and be able to make a buck on the fly. He must also know how to ‘read’ people to help him get the best price when he is dickering. Have accounting skills to rival a CPA’s, and be able to look adversity straight in the eye.

      I know for us it is a seemingly 24 hour operation. Even in our ‘down’ time we are making lists of things that shoulda, woulda, coulda….

    Did I mention that said farmers wife must be his equal, helpmate and more? As a farm wife, we are expected to log as many hours ‘on’ the farm in addition to our usual round of maid chores. Not always easy, but definately rewarding.

     When times are tight and markets are down we look for ways to make an extra buck or two. Right now, I have put my baking skills to use to help offset farm expenses along with working ‘in town.’ I expect I will soon be making quilts again to supplement Christmas..A few years ago we decided to go back to living off the land- So I now have a huge garden again and spend about three full months canning and drying food. This helps cut grocery costs. We cut wood and use the woodburner more and just bundle up to save on heating costs.

     All in all, being a farmer is gratifying. You get to work for yourself….(yeah…) and have the satisfaction of saying ‘I did that!’


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Taking some heat…..

                                            And I don’t mean from the temperature outside!
          Let’s talk about small town politics today. Yea, yea,yea. I know….never talk about politics or religion. Both of these will be mentioned in some capacity today!
       I am taking a little heat about a recent post about Hazen. I will apologize (a little) because I am sorry if I implied that No How, No Way would Hazen ever consider going off the deep end and doing something like Annebelle Homes proposed. Duke Rosendahl is a force to be reckoned with. He is aware that the population is aging and that younger families are moving in. He also knows that no matter what happens in Hazen,somebody is going to be miffed. So I commend Hazen’s city leaders for trying to see all sides of a project.
     Personal experience has shown me just how hard it is to bring change to a community where complacency reigns. No matter the personal rewards in the end.
       A project with the scope of Annebelle’s would be great for any of these communities. In fact, Yanktoni Hill- between Wilton & Washburn- would be prime! Think of all the perks and longterm retention of both people and business.
     A company that will come in, pay for all the improvements, build much needed housing, relocate whatever needs relocating and bring desprately needed retail (think tax base) doesn’t fall out of the sky every day.
   The political part comes from trying to keep existing businesses happy. Think about it- in many small towns, the current businesses on Main St. have been the ONLY businesses for some years. They are complacent. They are accustomed to having our undivided attention. Many act as though they are doing us some sort of grand favor. (ex; at the Rexall in Washburn, the clerks only greet people know personally-and that’s no joke- and totally ignore ‘others’) In the end, these many of these business owners want to retire, leaving an empty store front. -With the attitude “I’ve done my years, now I’m done” with not so much as a give-a-damn as to who’s going to replace the service provided A thriving business attracts buyers in any city or town….
     These businesses want & need our dollars to stay solvent. But many have forgotten when these very same towns had MULTIPLE, SUCCESSFUL BUISNESSES at one time. Competition drives business. It makes us remember what customer service is about. The younger peeps won’t hesitate to get in their cars and drive somewhere else. Myself included. I willfully drive an extra 7 miles the other direction to go to the Rexall in Turtle Lake where I am ALWAYS treated kindly and as if my patronage matters. I am not younger, but I refuse to be treated like a turd.
      Think about it- In my area the general population is aging. We need younger people to move in to our communities. We need their disposable income to keep our Main Streets viable. We need their willingness to volunteer for our fire and ambulance and what-not. We need PEOPLE to fill our churchs, pay taxes to keep city services going, keep the enrollment up at our schools (so they don’t close or consolidate even more),shop in our stores, visit our parks and museums.
      WE NEED PEOPLE TO BE OUR NEIGHBORS! To be our friends. To share the good times along with the bad.
   In the bigger scope of things, we’re not getting any younger. Ask yourself “what happens if I suddenly can’t just go ‘do’ or go ‘get’ something? What happens if you can no longer just get in your car and go?”
Wouldn’t be nice to just go ‘downtown’ to get not only what you need, but what you want? Wouldn’t it be nice-if you couldn’t drive- to have a neighbor that would take you downtown? Or be able to just WALK to downtown? Wouldn’t it be nice when the grandkids or friends come to visit that you could take them downtown and get an icecream, or a trinket or whatever?
     I know personally of several business owners in one of my nearby towns that actually called a community meeting to say No Way, No How were they going to stand for another ‘similar’ business to open in THEIR town. Citing that it “would take money off of their table”. I say BULL S***! Isn’t that what free enterprise is all about? Besides, think of all the potential revenue the town missed out on. I think it’s horse pucky letting a handful of greedy people dictate what a town will or will not have.
     ***I will say here that of all the small communities withing 50 miles of me (we live 17 miles to the nearest of them) Hazen and Turtle Lake embody true Small Town values! ****
    Think of what a second bank could mean for some of these communities. DIVERSITY! There would be more loan competition, more money to lend and hense MORE BUSINESSES! More things to do. Maybe the possibility of a theater, mini-golf park or something fun for the whole family.
     Think of what more retail would mean. It translates into more people coming to town to shop. Getting off the main road and seeing our sites, visiting the parks and museums, buying gas and gifts. Spreading the wealth. Keeping us solvent and RELEVENT!
     Think of what more people in our schools and churches could mean. It could translate into more offerings for the church, which in turn trickle back into the community by the way of services offered to the needy, elderly or just community projects (such as comfort quilts etc). At school it could mean not having to cut out some classes-it means being able to keep and promote the arts. It means being able to stretch the Dollars-for-Scholars dollars.
     It means a continuance if what most people hold dear Faith, Family, Friends and Community Spirit.   Now think about the towns you personally know of that are defunct. Think about how quickly our own towns can literally fall apart. Picture your own town crumbling at your feet and people saying “I remember when….” Think about how easy it is to not do anything to help yourself. Think about rewarding it is to know that your town will still be here and thriving in 50 years!
     All these towns have their yearly celebrations. Manytimes you hear comments like “the streets were filled with people” ” ….came ‘home’ for the day” etc. Why not make it so the people come town anyway? And not move away?
     As stated in a much earlier blog, I AM SELFISH! I want my children to remember what their community has to offer and come back someday!
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Hazen’s gonna miss the boat on this one!

                    And they’re not even fishing!
    I was in Hazen several weeks ago on business and had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Duke Rosendhal, head of Economic Development. One of the things we discussed was attracting and retention of new people and business to Hazen.
                                                SHAZAM!!! Out of the sky falls Annebelle Homes!
Wow. I was impressed by the scope of plans Annabelle Homes presented. Most importantly, the connection it would make to ‘downtown’, keeping it a vital part of the community.
        Hazen is a forward thinking community, but like many smaller communities, you have to get past the ‘old guard’. Easier said than done.  Feelings will be hurt, lines drawn and loyalties divided. (I know, I live in a tiny community North of Wilton)
        However, it’s time for one of these towns to make a stand and lead the rest of us into the future. Take one for the team…and prove once and for all that CHANGE can be a good thing. Annebelle Homes has an ideal solution to an age old problem.  If we want our own children to either stay here or come back, we must have something to offer them.
          What disturbed me the most was the statement “not a politically easy task”. I get some body is going to be p*** off. But the needs of the many should outweigh the needs of the few.
      If we don’t move forwards and embrace new ideas, eventually our towns will become just bed-room communities. We can’t remain  a community in the true sense of the word without an influx people in it for the long haul.
    Hazen should really think about what Annabelle Homes is proposing and consider something similar for it’s future.
     You can bet that I will personally be getting ahold of Annebelle Homes and asking them to pitch Washburn, Wilton and Underwood and Cole Harbor. Any one of these would be a great place to call ‘home’.
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Opportunity Abounds in Hazen, North Dakota!

                              Talk about a town that’s going somewhere!

      Hazen, North Dakota is the place to be if you want to do business in a friendly, PRO-BUSINESS town!  I was recently in Hazen, at the invitation of Duke Rosendhal, to scout possible locations for our business.

    I have to admit, as soon as I drove into town I was impressed! Before heading downtown to the City offices, I took the time to drive around the town first. Dang near every yard is

Old Town Hazen

well kept, the houses are tidy. All the parks are
neat and trimmed and look inviting! Most of all I noticed that people, complete strangers, actually waved to me or said “hello’ ” good-day” etc. That’s impressive! In my experience, many people living in small towns wouldn’t dream of giving you the time of day- and would just as soon you dropped off the face of the earth.
   -I think it’s something to do with the fact that you might actually want to stay in THEIR town! HA!-
       Hazen has so much to offer! On a lot of

very cool park smack in the middle of Downtown

levels it reminds me of the quaint artsy town of Northern California or the Eastern Seaboard. Hazen does quite a bit to promote the ARTS. They have a gallery, quilt shows, art-in-the-park, several music festivals throughout the year and a community theater to name a few.
      Hazen is also smack in the center of some of the best hunting and fishing in the state. If you are an out-door enthusiast, Hazen is for you!
                 There is something for every one, literally, in Hazen. 
That alone is a good reason to bring a new new business to Hazen. You can draw from all walks of life.
On the corner of Main St, next to the little park with the pavilion, is a hair salon for sale. The possibilities for this corner are many. I personally would make it into our slightly quirky upscale gift shop & bakery.  Our customers could take their goodies to the park during events! We could have inviting bistro tables outside to encourage visiting with neighbors.
      I looked at several other buildings around town, but really like the downtown vibe. It’s alive and vibrant.
     Duke and Myra introduced me to a number of people and gave good advice on who’s who and what’s what. Duke also explained what the city has to offer in the way of incentives and what Hazen does to promote itself. We also talked about where Hazen is going in the future.
      I can not say enough how PRO-ACTIVE and PRO-BUSINESS Hazen is!!!!! There are buildings both for sale and for lease. I drive all the way to Hazen from REGAN (48 miles one way) just to shop! The little thrift store is always clean and inviting. Between the drug store, hardware store and furniture store you can get everything (and even some thing you don’t need) you need for your self and your house! Not many small town can boast that!  For me, it’s just a pleasant day trip.
      My partner and I will be back in Hazen in the next week or so to look around again. I encourage any one looking to start or relocate a business, to seriously concider Hazen!
     Call Duke Rosendahl at 701-748-6886 for all your needs. Duke is the answer guy. And what he doesn’t know he WILL find out for you.
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