Opportunity Abounds in Hazen, North Dakota!

                              Talk about a town that’s going somewhere!

      Hazen, North Dakota is the place to be if you want to do business in a friendly, PRO-BUSINESS town!  I was recently in Hazen, at the invitation of Duke Rosendhal, to scout possible locations for our business.

    I have to admit, as soon as I drove into town I was impressed! Before heading downtown to the City offices, I took the time to drive around the town first. Dang near every yard is

Old Town Hazen

well kept, the houses are tidy. All the parks are
neat and trimmed and look inviting! Most of all I noticed that people, complete strangers, actually waved to me or said “hello’ ” good-day” etc. That’s impressive! In my experience, many people living in small towns wouldn’t dream of giving you the time of day- and would just as soon you dropped off the face of the earth.
   -I think it’s something to do with the fact that you might actually want to stay in THEIR town! HA!-
       Hazen has so much to offer! On a lot of

very cool park smack in the middle of Downtown

levels it reminds me of the quaint artsy town of Northern California or the Eastern Seaboard. Hazen does quite a bit to promote the ARTS. They have a gallery, quilt shows, art-in-the-park, several music festivals throughout the year and a community theater to name a few.
      Hazen is also smack in the center of some of the best hunting and fishing in the state. If you are an out-door enthusiast, Hazen is for you!
                 There is something for every one, literally, in Hazen. 
That alone is a good reason to bring a new new business to Hazen. You can draw from all walks of life.
On the corner of Main St, next to the little park with the pavilion, is a hair salon for sale. The possibilities for this corner are many. I personally would make it into our slightly quirky upscale gift shop & bakery.  Our customers could take their goodies to the park during events! We could have inviting bistro tables outside to encourage visiting with neighbors.
      I looked at several other buildings around town, but really like the downtown vibe. It’s alive and vibrant.
     Duke and Myra introduced me to a number of people and gave good advice on who’s who and what’s what. Duke also explained what the city has to offer in the way of incentives and what Hazen does to promote itself. We also talked about where Hazen is going in the future.
      I can not say enough how PRO-ACTIVE and PRO-BUSINESS Hazen is!!!!! There are buildings both for sale and for lease. I drive all the way to Hazen from REGAN (48 miles one way) just to shop! The little thrift store is always clean and inviting. Between the drug store, hardware store and furniture store you can get everything (and even some thing you don’t need) you need for your self and your house! Not many small town can boast that!  For me, it’s just a pleasant day trip.
      My partner and I will be back in Hazen in the next week or so to look around again. I encourage any one looking to start or relocate a business, to seriously concider Hazen!
     Call Duke Rosendahl at 701-748-6886 for all your needs. Duke is the answer guy. And what he doesn’t know he WILL find out for you.
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2 Responses to Opportunity Abounds in Hazen, North Dakota!

  1. Wade Collins says:

    I was recently in North Dakota for the first time. Stayed at a hotel in Beulah, no open restaurants beyond the truck stop sub type joints (9 pm at night). Beulah is a bleak, industrial looking town. Hazen is certainly a nicer place, but the only open restaurant on a Sunday is a barely passable cafe with fairly bland eggs and bacon.

    • katy kassian says:

      I am sorry you had a bad experience at the cafe in Hazen. It really is a great little town! And plans are in the works for an updated hotel. Maybe you can try hazen again and reall experience the hospitality of Downtown! Or, if you know you’re going to be in town over a weekend, call Duke at the city building and he will make sure your stay is perfect!

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