Hazen’s gonna miss the boat on this one!

                    And they’re not even fishing!
    I was in Hazen several weeks ago on business and had the opportunity to spend an afternoon with Duke Rosendhal, head of Economic Development. One of the things we discussed was attracting and retention of new people and business to Hazen.
                                                SHAZAM!!! Out of the sky falls Annebelle Homes!
Wow. I was impressed by the scope of plans Annabelle Homes presented. Most importantly, the connection it would make to ‘downtown’, keeping it a vital part of the community.
        Hazen is a forward thinking community, but like many smaller communities, you have to get past the ‘old guard’. Easier said than done.  Feelings will be hurt, lines drawn and loyalties divided. (I know, I live in a tiny community North of Wilton)
        However, it’s time for one of these towns to make a stand and lead the rest of us into the future. Take one for the team…and prove once and for all that CHANGE can be a good thing. Annebelle Homes has an ideal solution to an age old problem.  If we want our own children to either stay here or come back, we must have something to offer them.
          What disturbed me the most was the statement “not a politically easy task”. I get some body is going to be p*** off. But the needs of the many should outweigh the needs of the few.
      If we don’t move forwards and embrace new ideas, eventually our towns will become just bed-room communities. We can’t remain  a community in the true sense of the word without an influx people in it for the long haul.
    Hazen should really think about what Annabelle Homes is proposing and consider something similar for it’s future.
     You can bet that I will personally be getting ahold of Annebelle Homes and asking them to pitch Washburn, Wilton and Underwood and Cole Harbor. Any one of these would be a great place to call ‘home’.
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2 Responses to Hazen’s gonna miss the boat on this one!

  1. GrandmaVickiAnn says:

    When I read the Bismarck Tribune article, I did not get the impression that Hazen was rejecting the proposal, only that they were not going to make a decision immediately. I think that is a wise decision on their part. As the article also mentioned, they are not in a “must-do-something” situation, so can take some time to let people think about and learn more about the idea. This seems like an OK approach to the matter.

    • katy kassian says:

      hello- I did not say definitivly that they would reject the idea out-of-hand. I was merely stating that I am aware of how hard it is to bring change to a smaller community. I have always maintained that Hazen is a forward thinking, business friendly, progressive community. I know from experience that anything ‘new’ or out of the ‘norm’ is a hard sell. Especially if that means offending your neighbors or peers. After all- the decision makers still have to live there.

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