Progress is in North Dakota!!

Progress is defined by Websters as :” A forward or onward movement, -A betterment “.

I think it is more about taking that first step towards your dreams or goals. They say all you have to do is change just one thing in your life, for the pieces to start falling into place.

With the economy in the tank, more and more people are looking to North Dakota’s Oil Patch solve their problems. That’s not neccessarily the solution.

Come to North Dakota, but keep in mind-Sometimes the solutions are in YOUR OWN abilities!!! Maybe just some creative out-of-the-box thinking will do it.

We WANT you! We want you to come here. But more importantly- we want you to STAY here. We want you to be a part of out community, of our history, of our future.

You may be an out of work upper (office) managment kind-a person. Well, I can personally name off a half a dozen people that translated that skill into Management in fast food. YES. I said Fast Food. I know a lady that makes waaaaay over 100,000 a year at KFC. Between bonus’s, health & life ins, salary & stock options, she is sitting pretty. Because she WASN’T ‘to good’ to work there!

Another family (hubby wife and 6 kids) sold everything except what would fit in two 25 trailers and RELOCATED to Driscoll, ND from SACRAMENTO, CA!!  They decided that having daily family time was way more important than being a slave.  They embraced the lifestyle. Became a huge part of their community, learned new skills and used the ones they already possessed to make a living. He is a mechanic and she now sells ‘pastured’ eggs in all the surrounding towns.

It’s a matter of perspective. you either want to keep a roof over your head, or you want to be a victim. And I personally have almost zero tolerence for victims!

Maybe you can’t make your house payments where ever it is you are at. Come to North Dakota! Check out our smaller towns and communities. Downsize if you must. You CAN find very, very affordable housing here. You don’t have to live in the heart of the city. You may like it out here! Re-evaluate your priorities. Does having a ‘trophy’ house really matter? Or would you rather be able to relax on your riding mower and wave at the neighbors? Would you rather work your fingers to the bone? Or have the time to enjoy the things that really matter to you? If you’re handy you can pick up solid homes that just need cosmetics for next to nothing.

Our smaller towns have incredible sports and acedemic programs for the kids, generous programs for starting a business, a real sense of community- people actually help each other out! You may like it…And many of these town are a reasonable distance from the ‘City’.

Evaluate  your skill set!  Can you sew? Build? Do electrical? Cook? Design? Photography?        – Do you have any hobbies that can be potential money makers? Maybe you can do metal sculpture along with your welding…get the idea???  These can be translated into a job.

I speak from experience! We live on a small farm about 40 miles from Bismarck.  We needed to bring extra income into the farm. I started using my baking & sewing skills to make extra money. I now have a little business that is thriving. I sell my baked goods in several towns, make custom kitchen aprons for people and host bread baking and canning classes.

Some of my sucess can be attributed how many outlets North Dakota has to get help! I utilized the Pride of Dakota program, and resources from the Departments of Tourism and Commerce.

Some of it was simple dedication to the cause. Our cause is to pay down the land so we are not freaked out later by how much we owe. One of our priorities is to be in a position that if something happens to one of us, the other can bay the bills. And we wouldn’t have to sell out. It is not an un-attainable goal. We just had to re-evaluate & prioritize what was important to us. We were at a point where we decided that time with family had to be at the top of the list.

We moved BACK to ND  six years ago from Colorado. Land was high. So was the day to day cost of living. We were working away from home more, just to keep up. So, hubby said “let’s go home!” (he was born here) So, here we are. Simple as that.

To us- This is PROGRESS

Come to North Dakota. Become a part of out communities. Live life.






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