ND needs a MOBILE Ambassador!

Wouldn’t that be great?!

Think about all the wonderful things she/he could do….

They could go around to the local communities and compile a list of useable buildings, businesses the towns would like to have, businesses with owners about to retire (w/ no one to take over) micro lenders, bankers, SBA contacts and so on.

This information could be posted on the web, put in print and distributed to out of staters requesting information on ND, be presented at the schools.- Both High School and College.

I think people would be amazed at what is right in their backyard! And it would help promote the fact that ND is more than OIL. More than Minot, Biz, Fargo & Dickinson.

There are plenty of people that would relocate to a smaller town if they thought there was an opportunity.

IĀ could be that person…(hint..hint)…I think it’s a wonderful chance to really showcase ND.


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