Better the Devil you know~ Small town politics

“Better the Devil you know, than the devil you don’t know” Isn’t that how the saying goes?

In this case it’s Better the Devil you want….”.   Washburn, ND is getting a Family Dollar Store.

Family Dollar coming to Washburn

      Part of me is overjoyed that there will finally be somewhere to get some gifts and household items at an affordable price. (A few of the  local stores literally gouge you at every turn.) And a selection to choose from as well!

     The super snarky, petty B#@$$y me hopes Family Dollar runs a couple out of business. It would serve them right.  Chase Drug Store would be #1 on my list. They have a huge reputation for the over-the-top hostility they show to anybody who is NOT a “True Washburn Native.”  Can you believe that they can actually preform an entire transaction without ever speaking to you at all? Not even  to acknowledge that you spoke to them.. Really!

                  Over the last several years a number of businesses have wanted to open up in Washburn. All were discouraged… Case in point- a Name-Brand Hotel was being enticed to open in Washburn. One of the plants offered to guarantee  a block of rooms everyday… all they wanted in return was a meeting room. – Mind you- NOT a restrauant- a room…  The two cafe’s and the two bars went to every city meeting saying that this hotel would “take money out of their pockets” and be “Too much competition”. Very tragic, as there is NO hotel. ..Ok, that’s not true- there’s one..all transient workers.

    Nope. Not One. Between Bismarck and Minot, unless you get off the highway and go into Garrison.  ~ But I Digress~

     So, now, all of a sudden there’s to be a Family Dollar Store. Funny how for a long time various people (me included) kept saying there needed to be another budget friendly shopping venue. Suggested stores were AlcoDollar Tree  and the like.  Every time the very idea was blatently shot down as being ‘stupid’, too competitive, not for us, blah, blah, blah. You get the idea.  The good people pushed back saying it’s better to get what you think you can live with, than the possibility of a Wal Mart on the hill!  Even though people were clamoring for change, no luck.

    They ever railroaded the previous ED into quitting her job over the controversy of it all.

      But now, there’s a nice man with The Right Last Name in the ED position.

     I am thinking there was some interest from a Huge store for Washburn to roll over and agree to something.

    As with everything though, “Watch what you wish for.” ~ While I am tickled that there will be a store within 25 miles of me, I know it will take business away from one of my favorite neighboring communities ~ Turtle Lake. There they are always happy to see you and are ever gracious!

All I have to say is Good Luck Washburn! Now you will achieve what you have worked so hard on… Making Downtown Washburn a virtual Ghost Town.


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